In a small town on the outskirts of Bangor, Maine; Jobe Williams, an incredibly successful reconstructive doctor and missionary, celebrates his 20th year as the town doctor and surgeon with his family.  Having a history of successful living with his beautiful wife, he’s fathered several incredible children and does the very best by his fellow man often working pro bono cases and charitable giving.  Life for Jobe is incredible.

Then, without warning, a dark cloud form over the Williams family.  Jobe, while working on his latest patient, see’s visions of a dark figure that intend him severe harm.  Blinded by the disturbing nature of this, Jobe makes his first mistake and it results in his first ever-patient death.  The family of the patient curses his name leaving him with nothing but questions as to what could possibly have twisted his fortune.

Jobe begins to research medical anomalies as a plausible answer to the question of his problem.

He finds several comfortable fixable explanations to rely on for his condition and does what he can to mend the problem.  However, before Jobe has time to fix things, a series of events begins to domino around him costing him everything.
An incredible story of good vs. evil ends with the question, “Will Jobe have the ability to destroy the catalyst to the evil that closes in on him?”

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