Free Lunch is a critical analysis of common misconceptions surrounding Immigration. Examining the way the “American Dream” is sold to African immigrants and the reality they’re faced with upon arrival.

We examine the lives of specific African immigrants as they describe the way life in the U.S. has been portrayed to them all their lives. Easy and extravagant wealth. A place where all races work in perfect harmony to build a utopia. This dream when fed to them over time nurtured an idea of a better life, and so they sacrifice the bird in the hand for the two in the bush, so to speak.

Upon coming to America, most African immigrants are met with difficulty finding employment, negative stereotypes based on the way their continent of origin is portrayed in American media, deeply rooted racial and social divides, and of course the language barrier. These unexpected obstacles and the impact they have on the lives of our interview subjects is closely examined on a personal and broader social context.

It is the hope that with this documentary we may prepare future African immigrants of the inherent hardships that come with relocating to the U.S. & to point out the stark differences between the way life in the U.S. is portrayed in African media vs. how hard life in the U.S. for an African immigrant, actually is.

Produced by End Time Harvest Entertainment, Free Lunch is another in a line of our social commentary films such as Boys Cry, Bound: Africans vs African Americans, My Life My Battle, & Consequences. End Time Harvest is an African owned, indie production company based out of Minnesota.

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